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much of the negative connotation around cannabis revolves around users not being able to speak or recall information effectively while high. Rattlesnake Jaw ∆8-tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-8-THC items allow customers to maintain  mental  acuity  while simultaneously  enjoying the body high associated  with  cannabis.

Rattlesnake Jaw products allow our clients to transport and use cannabis with assurance that what they're doing is 100% legal. every product comes with a COA (certificate of analysis) and a purchase receipt that proves to any curious law enforcement officer that there's nothing to see here.

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our delta-8-THC items are psychoactive just like delta-9-THC cannabis from the street or dispensary. however, we feel that the delta-8-THC high is "cleaner" and less plagued by negative effects like apathy, lethargy, and paranoia. 

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